Cup and Plate Knockouts

The Summer League has now progressed to the Knockout Stages and fixtures will be listed here.


Cup Knockout
summer league 2013 cup knockout.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [9.1 KB]
Plate Knockout
summer league 2013 plate.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [9.1 KB]



Cup Knockout        
Twigg A v Club 8A   At the Twigg
Twigg v Dukes Head   At the Twigg
Club 8 v Crowthorne Club   At Club 8
Bridge House v Woodcutters   At The Bridge House



Plate Knockout        
Twigg B v Golden Farmer A   At the Twigg
The Sun v Royal Oak   At the Sun
Squirrels v Golden Farmer B   At the Squirrels
Village Inn v Prince of Wales   At the Village Inn